Jireh Group and Exochain are excited to announce a major partnership to deploy Exochain’s mission critical blockchain protocol for heightened security, enhanced efficiency, and data transparency throughout Jireh’s healthcare brands.

Jireh Group’s connected healthcare applications cover GetDoc™, GetDocPlus, GetDocPay, GetDocSays, PreOpinion, Rapha Diagnostics and Hippo IOT Devices. With more than 65,000 registered downloads, 30,000 paid GetDocPlus users and a network of more than 1500 clinics across Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, a deep tech blockchain technology will enhance and facilitate new business opportunities and bring benefits to individuals.

Exochain is currently conducting an ICO to raise presales of US$15 million and have secured exclusive markets access contracts with Bluecloud and ACRES representing 1,100,000 users and over 60,000 industry stakeholders. Exochain’s protocol enables the safe sharing of data across organizations such as banking, healthcare, legal, logistics, and insurance.

This partnership will allow both organisations to tap synergies and market access between North America and Asia. Combining the best of both teams will accelerate adoption of blockchain required to achieve secure identity wallets, smart contracts, and patient records, which are vital for accurate diagnostics and medical adherence.

Mr. Woon Shung Toon, CEO and Founder of Jireh Group and GetDoc, said, “This partnership with Exochain brings the deep tech that helps accelerate our blockchain strategy. Partnering with Exochain allows all the verticals that we operate for stakeholders and actual users to realize the benefits of the blockchain.”

Mr. Robert E. Stewart, CEO of Exochain, said “Together with Jireh Group, we will turn a fragmented medical industry into a customer driven, data centric solution to benefit each and every user. We see shared values and a common goal leveraging technology for societal good.”

About Jireh Group

Jireh Group is a technology company driven to improve the quality of healthcare experience for both patients and clinicians, transforming healthcare management and improving lives through a series of independent and synergistic technology platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We have a focused and passionate team, bent on building the best user experience solutions for healthcare.

About Exochain

EXOCHAIN is a U.S. blockchain company developed by some of the brightest technical and legal minds. Exochain’s smart contract infrastructure platform secures the sharing of mission critical identifying data in multiple industries like healthcare, finance, logistics, and insurance.

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